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Greg's Browser

Version 2.7 - 20 June 2000 - Fee: $20

Lets you edit file type and creator codes.
Now featuring live window resizing!

Download Greg's Browser 2.7:
MacBinary (385K), BinHex (523K)

Do you think the Finder is too slow and clumsy when navigating through your folder structure? Do you perhaps use a hierarchical Apple menu utility but are tired of zigging and zagging your mouse from submenu to submenu? Or maybe you just like miniature icons. If so, then you should try Greg's Browser. Displaying multiple folders side-by-side in a single window, Greg's Browser lets you simultaneously see the contents of a folder, its parent, and a subfolder, providing a quick and easy way of moving both up and down through your folder hierarchy. Greg's Browser can browse into StuffIt archives just like they were normal folders, and it uses the StuffIt Engine from Aladdin Systems for stuffing, binhexing, and expanding files.

The screen shot shows the Browser browsing into a StuffIt archive for my undergraduate thesis on K-theory. At the top of the window, there are bookmarks for jumping to frequently used folders. You can also install application bookmarks so that you can drag files to them. Note the invisible file displayed in the Greg list and the use of anti-aliased or smoothed text for the lists and bookmarks. To get anti-aliased text in all of your applications, try SmoothType.

Greg's Browser, originally released in 1993, was loosely based on the NeXT Directory Browser, and it bears the distinction of being one of the first programs to support Apple's then innovative inter-application drag and drop technology. In 1994, Greg's Browser won the MacUser Shareware Award for Best Utility. Greg's Browser also pioneered the use of anti-aliasing (font smoothing) for normal onscreen text, which was later adopted by Adobe in ATM and also integrated into Mac OS 8.5. Back when Apple was working on its ill-fated "Copland" OS, early demos featured Greg's Browser as a well-behaved application running Copland without modification. Now that Apple has scrapped Copland and bought NeXT, Apple is planning offer a browser-like multi-pane view in the Mac OS X Finder.

Version 2.6 updates Greg's Browser with many of the latest technologies, including support for contextual menus, StuffIt 5 archives, extended HFS volumes, and Kaleidoscope.

Version 2.6.1 is a maintenance release, with over a dozen minor improvements and bug fixes. In particular, it fixes an erroneous alert that appears when moving files to the trash and a beep when emptying the trash. It also fixes a crash when launching the browser if StuffIt SpaceSaver is running. On the improvement side, the text anti-aliasing code is completely rewritten, borrowing heavily from SmoothType. Anti-aliased text now looks better, draws faster, and requires less memory. You can also set the font size to anything from 9 to 16 point, since anti-aliased text often looks best at odd font sizes. Finally, when browsing URL clippings, the Browser now displays the URL at the bottom of the window.

Version 2.7 now lets you edit file type and creator codes by clicking the file kind at the bottom of the Browser window or by pressing <command>-<return>. It also adds an option for live window resizing in the Browser Preferences box. (Note that live resizing is extremely processor intensive and works well only on very fast machines.) In addition, this version takes full advantage of the StuffIt Engine from Aladdin Systems, letting you directly manipulate the contents of StuffIt 5 archives. There are several other minor changes, including improvements to the file info displayed at the bottom of the Browser window and support for Appearance sound effects under Mac OS 8.5 or later.

Copyright © 2000 Gregory D. Landweber, All Rights Reserverd